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Shimano Ultegra Reel - long distance casting reel?

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  • Shimano Ultegra Reel - long distance casting reel?

    Hi All,

    I'm after a new reel, and I'm told the Shimano Ultegra is the reel I should look at - I can't recall the exact model number.

    The reel will be purely used for long distance method fishing, 80-100yards, 40gram method.

    I have 2 TDR's and have a new TDX on order, but I'm looking for a reel with a slightly bigger spool to aid casting, and quicker retrieve.

    Any advice on the reel, whether it good, bad or indifferent appreciated. Or if you can recommend a different reel, then I'd be happy to listen.


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    The Ultegra is a very big reel!!!!!!

    I personally use a Daiwa Capricorn 3500 XTC for long range work and its brilliant. its bigger than the 3012 TD-Rs with a bigger spool and plenty of winding power!

    It is from the american range of Daiwa reels but you can get them on ebay.


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      Thanks for the reply Scott.

      Just done a quick search on the Capricorn 3500 XTC, found plenty of images but can't find that specific reel on the Daiwa website. I was after the spec for that reel. The spool size looks very similiar to the TDR 3012's.

      I know the Ultegra is a big reel, and may look out of place on the match scene, but the people who are telling me they're ideal for long range method work are some of the most well known, successful method anglers around.

      I've always said there was no need for the Ultegra, my TDR's have always been adequate; but after fishing a match recently, casting 60-70yards all match with a TDR, then casting the same size method, on the same rod but using an Ultegra, I was just amazed by the difference.

      I shall have a proper look at the Capricorn later tonight, thanks again.