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Daiwa conny g8

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  • Daiwa conny g8

    Used my new conny yesterday and one simple word sums this pole AWESOME.....owned mavers,prestons,shimanos and conny is head and shoulders in every aspect above any of them

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    can i ask why you chose the g8? i was after a whisker but startin 2 think a g8 may be a better option


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      the whisker all terrain is the better choice stiffer lighter better in the wind etc etc hardly any differance between it and the tourny theres one on ebay as new starting price £900 with one bid if you get a chance try all three


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        I liked this pole alot but felt the garbolino g8 was a bit stiiffer,a bit longer and very close in weight but had a better spares package after using them both side by side. but yes a very nice bit of kit, I would get a conny g8 in front of the whisker if you do alot of commy carp fishing as I have seen a few whiskers buckle under the strain of all out carping


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          Ive got the G8 and love it.

          Its very light, stiff and strong!!


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            Hi ive got them both the wisker is the better pole in all ways put the g8 is a excllent pole.


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              have to agree with the above comment, the whisker is by far the better pole but the g8 is also one of the best poles ive had


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                I have the original Speccy, bought in 2002. Fantastic pole but like me its beginning to show its age. Looking for another Diawa pole. I currently have 7 CTK5/10 Power top 3s and 5 match top 3s with my speccy. I know they are compatable with the Tourney Pro but this pole is out of my affordable price range.

                It seems the general sense of opinion is that the G8 is a very good pole especially on commies as this is where i now do most of my fishing and this pole is within my budget. Does anyone know if my current CTK5/10s, Match top 3s and my spare no 4s are compatable with the G8.

                I don't really want to be forking out more money for top kits etc.


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                  The G8 is a very stong pole and is fishable at full length(although a bit heavy)

                  The Whisker is as mentioned lighter,better balanced and quicker on the strike at length.The one i got has landed carp to 14lb so they are pretty strong.

                  THE tourney is slightly better in all departments and seems stronger than the Whisker.

                  The strenth of the G8 seems to be at the expense of its fishability in the wind.It seems to have quite a bit of elasticity which is problematic with a gusting side wind.THe whiskers is noticably better than the G8 in windy conditions.

                  I feel this is an often missed key point,at 12.5 to 16 metres the tourney is much better than both and I feel this gives better control and presentation,which matters a great deal!

                  So back to your original question: Having tried all the above mentioned, The Whisker is better than the G8


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                    conny g8 all the way for me