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Reccoemnd me a float rod!!!

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  • Reccoemnd me a float rod!!!

    Hey im looking to buy a float rod as i don't have one but i don't know which one to get... i will be using about 4/5lb mainline and 3/4lb hook length for skimmers, bream and F1 with the occasional carp about 6lb - anywhere over 20lb lol.

    Any advice will be welcome

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    shakespeare mach 3 12'6

    or maybe

    shakespeare mach 3 13'6 if you want a little bit more length and power


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      Ive got a Drennan Series 7 Carp Waggler Combo (11ft 6" - 13ft) which seems pretty nice.

      Recommended reel lines up to 6lb. The rod has a nice soft action. Ive used it for pellet waggler and just general float work for silvers without any problems.

      Ive had fish from a few ounces to 13lb on it no problems.


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          preston power float


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            drennan floatmaster 13/15 combo, great for waggler fishing catching roach on rivers, more than enough power to handle chub, iv'e also used it on a commercial's and it holds it's own. at 15ft it becomes a long trotting rod in which great presentation can be achieved, a very versatile rod and worth every penny, they cost about £150, but you wont need to invest in another float rod as it will last you forever. can also be used for stick float fishing with hooklengths down to 0.6mm/ 12oz. fantastic rod.


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              daiwa----every time pal
              work is for people who cant fish---i want a job


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                Buy Nathan Watson's Abu Suveran, they're a very good rod.


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                  shimano catana ax barbel 2 rods in 1 comes with 2tops for feeder fishing or can be used as a float rod i use mine for method feedering with a 12lb mian line no problem 12' two piece


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                    DAIWA SR3 13 ft waggler rod
                    i have one it has a realy nice through action i have had roach from a few ounces up to carp to about 8lb and it handles them perfectly and it is very responsive so u can control the float a lot easier


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                      only decent rod there is the floatmaster what was it desined for trotting

                      to be honist you fishing far to hevey
                      2lb mainline 1 to 1 1.5 hooklenth
                      reel with nice cluch
                      nice tip ti 1 3rd action rod

                      so if you wont best hardy marksman
                      or matcpro ultra light
                      or if you like normarks garbo super g light 13ft
                      abslutly brill silver rods
                      roach bream crusions tench
                      and can handel carp if you take your time with them


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                        i got a middy carp baggin machine waggler rod 13/14ft, i find it a very good rod for the money, under £60


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                          I have been using the carbonactive range for all my float work, feeder and bomb work.

                          A little pricey but well worth it.

                          Carbonactive c series 13ft float has a very forgiving through action with an anti lock blank which is a treat when hooking soft mouthed skimmers but also has plenty enough back bone for carp well into double figures. Feels nice in the hand and well built.

                          Hope this helps
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