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Abu 704 reel help

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  • Abu 704 reel help

    has anyone got and having trouble with the Abu 704 closed face reel?
    Iam, the line isn't paying off that well and the line is getting caught on the pins!
    All in all I'm dissapointed with the reel in general. I bought it to trott stich and wagglers down the river Severn but as I said all the reel is giving me is grief.
    Can anyone advise me if there is anything I can do?


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    Possibly got too much line on? You are better only having 50 yards on a closed-face reel.
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      Abu 704


      I've got one of these reels and I don't have any issues with it. However, your complaint is a common one with this reel and I remember reading somewhere that the cure is to file one of the pins off, making it a one pin pick-up.(the new 706 is a one pin)


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        I heard you can undo a screw and take one of the pins out?? I bought one recently and don't have probs with it. I have 200 yds of line on and no probs casting, but haven't used it for trotting


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          defo take one of the pick up pins out mate, you dont need two in it and you'll find it'll work a lot better


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            Surely the two pins facilitate the instant pick-up?? As long as they operate properly, why remove them?


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              get a abu 501/506 better reels mate


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                it doesnt need two pins FF, the old abus never did and they are better than the new ones in my opinion


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                  Be positive when pressing the spool release and both pins will disengage,after time they will bed in and free up.When mine was new i had probs with the pins sticking,but persevered with it and made sure i pressed the spool release firmly everytime,6 months on the reel is a joy to use.
                  In the past ive had 501's,506's and still have a couple of 1044's,the 704 is far superior to any of the older abu's in my oppinion,and removing one of the pins makes the instant pickup less instant.
                  Whats a commercial fishery ?