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  • floats

    can any one tell me a good selection of pellet pole floats? herd good reports on the kc carpa?????????

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    Check out Malman Floats..

    Ive had loads from Gareth and all good and under £2 a peice for hand made quality
    Effort = Reward.


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      Hi Ben,

      i.m.h.o the KC range is one of the best "off the shelf" pole float ranges!!
      (people will have loads of conflicting ideas though!!)

      I have used most of the range in the past and find they hold up well to fishing without falling apart - like some other makes do, I have also found them quite true on the stated shotting.

      The carpa shelf is a cracking little float, good for margin fishing or pushing against a island (i notice that KC now do a Power version - where line goes through the body)

      Most of my fishing for carp or silvers (at depth) is done with a KC Raisor, Chimp or Porth.
      (raisor and chimp both the same float, the raisor having a carbon stem - the chimp wire)

      The KC Tricky is also a nice float, i use them for my F1 fishing.

      The only float that i am not that struck on (& it is only my thoughts) is the KC Force, I am not the sort of person that paints my floats with "hard as nails" or similar & i have found that the small rubber tube which goes through the body allows the float to take on too much water after a few fish. (But others love the float!!!!)

      Another great addition to the range is the new KC F1, does what it says on the tin!!! lol

      If you want an range of well made "shop bought" floats then you wont go far wrong. (I.M.O)

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        ackoo sent me some peli-stix earlier this year - perfect for pellet fishing


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          Id recommend the KC Chimp. It is one of the most popular floats on the market.

          The stability is outstanding and you can use it with a variety of baits.