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Greenway Tackle Birmingham under new ownwership!

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  • Greenway Tackle Birmingham under new ownwership!

    Greenway fishing tackle shop on Chester Road, opposite Pype Hayes park is under new ownership. The owner is a former clubmate of mine and a TA member, Andy Sharpe.
    Andy fished for TA a few times in Heronbrook winter league
    He is planning some changes, pop in & say hello, you'll find Andy very helpful.

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    Best wishes to Andy hes a brave man entering into one of the hardest businesses going. But at least hes taken over a long established shop.


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      Thanks for the info Mark, I will pop in and take a look, Greenways has been there for a long, long time so he should get some regular trade.
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        Good luck to him, with so much tackle bought on mail order etc, support your local shop and give them your trade, as Brian says having worked for 5 years in the tackle trade i know how hard it can be, good luck Andy.
        Be nice to go into greenways and speak to someone who is happy and polite for a change


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          Polemaster has aired my experience of the old regime at Greenways! A liitle bit out of my area .The Fishing Lodge on the Coventry road is 5 minutes away!
          John - Kingfisher
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            Any one other than me old enough to remember Harold Greenway, now I never saw him smile



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              It was,I believe, his son who was rude to me!
              John - Kingfisher
              Talk Angling Senior Member
              Club Record Holder on Grand Union Canal Knowle:D


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                think its a family thing Brian


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                  Brian, you are right about the old man,used them on and off for years at the shop in Handsworth and then they moved to Kingstanding, my old mate used to work there.


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                    Thought this place had shut down a few years back, they used to advertise in the match fishing mag's.
                    I bought my Dam matchwinner pole from there about 7-8 years ago.

                    Good luck to the new owner


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                      too quick to criticise


                      i am harolds grandson, scott. i owned & enjoyed working at greenways for 13 years before selling up to andy, whom i wish the very best. you guys are out of order for criticising. have you been that side of the counter? in the main, the customers are great, but some of the punters involved in fishing are the dregs of society. think about these; dennis @ kingsbury, terry @ bac, mark @ fosters, avery @ bloxwich. etc. are they known for their friendly demeanor? most have been dealing with prats all of their working life! it gets to you after a while. you try to make a conscious effot to be nice, but if the last guy you served was abusive, you can't help but be rude or defensive to the next fella.

                      we've all been asked to return things to suppliers as faulty, when they were purchased off ebay, or worse still, not faulty but neglected. we've all had punters who have very little product knowledge actually thinking they know better cos they may have worked part time in a shop in the past, or have fished for 30 years. decent angler makes you a product expert?? crikes, i've driven a car all my adult life, doesn't make me a mechanic. and as for bait? jeez, some people think that really light casters are great, others like them crispy red, some think squatts should be served neat & moan they're being robbed [they're served in sand, otherwise they perish], the list goes on. give the guys a break.

                      most independents are not limited companies, they'll be funded by borrowng at some stage in their lifespan. could be secured on the family home? imagine how quiet it is in january, snow on the ground, dark early, see about 5 people all day, then some tosspot comes in to tell you how he got a great deal on his daiwa pole off the ethernet, or market. you can't help but get racked off with these guys.

                      all the best


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                        im sorry that as a tackle shop customer you dont approve of me...But as for you being an ex tackle shop owner it usual its taken you nearly 4 months to respond to a post that hasnt been touched since April but thats about the speed of some shops.As for prats the fishing tackle trade is full of them from this side of the counter we all see the jumped up little guy the other side who belives he knows everything about angling cus he works in a shop.... belive me it works both ways...thank heaven for mail more snarling assistants.
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                        In daylight we're oblivion


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                          Memories of Greenways Tysley...

                          Seeing this post brought back memories of this old shop, I can remember Harold showing up on occasion & the shop was run by Ken Ashe's son...Is he still about?? (Kevin?)

                          Dave Carter (An old mate & excellent Angler) used to frequent the shop & was obsessed about the quality of Casters at the time, hence, on the wall, was a poster of a 'D.C. Type Caster' (Complete with 'smiley face')...

                          Sadlly, Dave passed on after a bitter-cold winter league match at Eckington & I lost a good mate & travelling companion...

                          Good crowd, used to go there, including the Downes brothers, who were both up & coming at the time (This was around the time of the Gudgeon-Bashing contests at Warwick (Grove Farm etc)...

                          Some good laughs in that shop...


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                            I can't elighten you on Mr. Ashe as the tyseley shop was before my time. Geoff Eardley was around that lot wasn't he? He's still running matches in Tamworth I believe.

                            Teepots reading skills may be limited. Why would I not approve of you as a tackle shop customer? I presume you ignored my observation of customers in the main & the fact that I enjoyed my work. My point was to illustrate why so many tackle dealers are thought to be miserable.

                            I take on board the elequent point about jumped up shop assts, the snide comments though are unnecesarry. Just a thought, but some sales assts may well actually have superior product knowledge, through visiting the manufacturers, supplier training, advice and the like. As you ended the pitch about the joys of mail order, what exactly do you buy from your local then? Terminal gear? Bait? Demand a discount as well do you? Hmm. Mals no.1 customer no doubt.


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                              use greenways regular, nice bloke andy very helpfull.