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double elastic

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  • double elastic

    hi i need some help please
    before anybody starts putting me down
    for being a angling coach and not knowing
    how to do double elastic i keep fishing simple
    when i teach children plus ive heard about double elastic
    but never used it
    so could you please tell which is the best laccy to use
    and bungs and how to contect pole rigs when using double
    laccy looked a you tube and cant find any info steve ringer
    talks about top kits and not about double laccy
    cheers mick

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    Hi Mick,
    Ive been using doubled preston original slip elastic in sizes 5,6, and 8,
    I removed the number 1 section in my Daiwa G8 and fitted a Maver number 5 internal bush,
    I tied a fresh knot on the elastic to keep it as it came of the winder and used a Drennan winder bung to tension it to the desired tightness1
    I used a Nash 5mm TULIP BEAD and a dacron connector,pulled the doubled elastic through the tulip bead(using a Korum baiting needle) and slipped the dacron loop over loop so the bead pulls up nice and neatly and sits on to the Maver bush( not easy to explain but its really simple) or forget the Nash bead and dacron and simply use a normal slip connector.
    You`ll find that one strike the elastic is very soft but powers up quickly to subdue the fish...

    Hope this helps

    Regards Matthew