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shimano beastmaster xta pro 16m pole

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  • shimano beastmaster xta pro 16m pole

    hi i just bought a shimano beastmaster xta pro 16m pole and wanted to know
    if the top kits are telescopic or not not sure if they are i got 2 power and 2 match tips

  • #2
    Easy to tell if they are put over or telescopic if they are telescopic the smallest section will not go over the next section, the chances are that your power top twos are put over, and the match threes will be a combination of both put over and telescopic where sections 1 to two are telescopic, and 2 to 3 put over.


    • #3
      they are both top two's i got 2 power and 2 match top two's


      • #4
        I am only guessing but they are probably both put over, but if you have any doubts PM Carpmagic he will put you right on all things Shimano.


        • #5
          100% certain they are put overs


          • #6
            had a pm of carpmagic that they are put over thanks for the imput


            • #7
              No problem Wildy, keep asking the question someone will know the answer.