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  • Waggman

    Hi everyone

    Hope you all had a better fishing weekend than me, fished Saphire Lakes near Newark. Weighed 3 carp for 12lb 7oz. The venue did'nt fish that well all round with 47lb - 1st, 25lb - 2nd, 22lb - 3rd, with the rest of the field having between 10lb to 20lb. The winner caught on the floating pole with pellet.

    Anyway thats my moan over with, i will be looking for a new pole in the next coupel of weeks. Saved about £1300.00 thinking about the Garbolino Super Legion.

    What do you think, any other recommendations.

    Regards Waggman
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    speedmaster xt 16m cant go wrong and at £750 (rrp is £1500) its a lot of pole for the money and the finish is better than most 2grand poles and all the extra's you get with it as well, i should know i got one


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      buy your self a g8 and use whats left for a few spare top sets


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        Garbolino Carp match-£850. Some are saying it's better than the Super Legion which is slightly annoying cos thats what I use :-(


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          i own a superlegion and rate it very highly and would recomend it. but i have been hearing the carp match is very good for the thre choice is yours


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            I have the Super Legion and cannot fault it to be honest. I haven't tried the carp match so cannot comment. The spares package with the SL is top notch and you should be able to get a bloody good deal with £1300.00 in your sky-rocket. Ive caught carp to 11lb with no problems with my SL and on the other end of the scale the response at 16m is excellent when targeting silvers.


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              Sorry not to reply to you guys sooner been working afters. Ricky 75 what make is the speedmaster pole, i will give it a trial.

              Wigan Dan / Elliotts 36, Thanks for the info on the SL, how long as the SL been no the market for now, and would other Garbolino top kit fit the SL, as i have a Garbolino Antidote.

              Regards Waggman

              Dan will you be coming down to Sheffield for the last match of the football season.


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                The SL has been out for a couple of years now, but yes, other Garbolino pole sections are compatible. When I get chance I will check exactly which ones.

                If we beat 'boro on Saturday I probably wont go to Sheffield, but if we need to win I will be there to support the lads. Fingers are seriously crossed!


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                  your top kits will fit the super legion