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Shimano Exage Ax Or Super Legion?

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  • Shimano Exage Ax Or Super Legion?

    Hi im new to this forum and would really appreciate some advice...i am currently looking to purchase either of the following poles: SHIMANO EXAGE AX COMPETITION 14.5M POLE or the GARBOLINO SUPER LEGION 16M. i have read really good reviews on both of the above sub £500 poles. im asking for your advice and opinions on which one i should purchase and reasons for your opinions. Or if there is another pole i should consider, with a price range £500 or below/14.5 meters and above/all rounder. Your replies would be much appreciated.



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    Hi mate

    I think you might be getting your Legions mixed up.
    You won't get a NEW Super Legion for £500, they are about £1250.

    The Garbolino Premier Legion is £499 @16m it is a very good up to 14.5m and good value pole for the money.
    Not tried the Shimano Exage but heard it is also a very good pole.


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      yes thanks for the correction i meant the premier legion...well spotted madforit


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        myself and golden hand have the exage cant fault it mate


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          yes i would give the exage a go for the money you can,t go wrong, the power tops are cheap between £35 to £40


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            thanks for your replies, question for aka and the exage pole fishable at 14.5 metres, or too heavy?


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              yes mate fishable. i havnt done it for longer than 4 hours but no probs and still nice and stiff.


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                shrimpy all poles are hard work at 14m but i can say it is as good as any other pole i have used at that length it is still stiff yes i would say it is well manageable Exage AX Competition 1450 - Reviews type this into google and read the reviews


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                  Hi, Shrimpy. I'm in the same boat as you Got £500 and looking for the best pole package WMAC are doing the Exage AX Competion 14.5m for £307 haven't seen a better price. Fosters got a Garbo G 50 comp and good spares for £391.49. Mullarkeys are doing a MAP TKS 30 for £429. Hope that helps. PS check out Fishing Spares - heaps of Exage spares so if thats the one you'll never struggle for bits.


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                    I've recently got a exage as a back up spare pole can't fault it not put it away since, got the half butt with mine can't fault it at all


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                      new pole

                      hi shrimpy

                      i have sent you a pm please check it



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                        Exage all the way mate
                        :D [url][/url] :D


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                          I got the Exage too!

                          A fantastic piece of kit!

                          I visited Fosters and handled a few poles before buying mine and can honestly say that if you didnt know, comparing it to others, you would expect it to be near the £1000 mark.

                          All the best.
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