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margine poles

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  • margine poles

    im thinkin of getting a margine pole any sugestions on what to buy and what to stay away from

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    have a look at the new browning comes with 2 top kits about £70 shop around


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      have a look at the shimano beastmaster margin pole it is 1 of the strongest poles you can buy 8.5.mtrs about £100 i have 1 and caught fish to 15lbs no problem at all


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        The Drennan is superb

        after that I'd say any of the Shimano's or Garbolino's

        One think to consider, 8.5m may not always be enough - 9.5m or even 11m far more versatile, unfortunately Drennan don't do an 11m version otherwise I'd be straight in for one


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          Garbolino Margin Manager is strong as an ox.
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            I have both the new and the old Daiwa Yank and Bank and are IMO anyway the best on the market by far!

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              ive bought a middi carp stikk now didnt want anythin to long with top kits as iv alredy got a 14.5m pole alredy an i didnt wana make things any more complicated and time consumin on the bank when match fishing


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                I would highly recommend the diawa yank and bank 10 mtr, used it at rolf's after i had a top kit bust on my trojan pole, i swopped to my margin pole and had fish to 13lb on it no problem. At rolf's they fight like stink. Also used it at Lindholme in the charity match to win my lake by pulling hard fighting carp out of tree in the water. It didn't even look like breaking.
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                  had a dabble with a shimano nexave ax 11m at the weekend, very very strong, a bit sloppy at full length, but at 9.5m it's great


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                    Browning Margin marauder comes with 2 powers sections, 6 meters, Very nice design and weight aound 400 g at full 6 meters
                    70 pound I think