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Matchbox Pyramid Advice

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  • Matchbox Pyramid Advice

    I'm in the market for a new box and really like the look of the Matchbox Pyramid system. I've had a look around and all i can find is the pyramid systems in black.

    Being a bit of a tackle tart, i'd really prefer one in blue

    Does anyone know of any retailers who stock the pyramid system in blue with square legs?

    And before anyone says, yes, i do know that you can get Matchbox gear through TA, but I have sent the above question to [email protected], but have yet to receive a response.

    Cheers, Matt

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    The Black Pyramids aren't manufactured anymore. Whilst you may see pics of Pyramids in black you'll find that most shops will only be able to supply blue.


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      Fosters of Birmingham stock them and also do a mail order system. here is a link
      Coarse Fishing - Seatboxes at Fosters of Birmingham


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        You'll also be able to get them from


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          Thanks for the help guys,

          Just one more question,

          I'm after a Pyramid 2, all the pictures show the draws on the right hand side. Can you swap them over to be on the left hand side?

          The reason I ask is that I am left handed, so fish with my pole on the left, and side tray on the right..

          If the side draws are on the left hand side, then my side trays on the right and doesn't interfere with the draw.

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            i have the pyramid 2 and its a crossdraw so opens from either side! whats wrong with your rive matt?
            Matt Smith
            Bag'em matchbaits


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              It's just too big and bulky


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                I know of an ex club colleague who is selling off his gear as he has packed in fishing altogether. He had a Pyramid 2 that is in VGC. It is the standard Pyramid 2 + a 4" base unit and Footplate. The frame has round legs.

                If you're interested I'll find out if he still has it and give you a contact number.


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                  matchbox pyramid4

                  possibly have a pyramid4 coming up for sale mate in blue also comes with some spares if you are interested give me a call on 07956 475668 cheers pat