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  • nets

    can anyone reccomend a lightweight but strong net for match carp fishing. i have found my net at the moment is a real struggle to land bigger carp because the handle is too heavy.

    To save posting a new thread, i was wondering on the whole do you prefer dynamite baits or sonu baits.

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    For match carp fishing taking fish up to 17 1/2 lb you can't beat the drennan mega carp handle and drennan d 20" carp net. IMO. Not cheap but you won't have to buy another one.
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      i picked up a leeda millenium gold landing net head for a tenner from fishomania last year. very light when wey(unless you just landed a whacker!) big enough to land a 27lb pike in! handlewise, i got no advice for you. i still use an old extending metal one. a bit heavier, but it aint snapping! sonu baits all the way. them s pellets are awesome.
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        diawa rubber nets thy are light weigth and shake dry
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          i have a garbolino nesty twin scoop 366 its probably one of the best on the market. i have the 4mtr its light weight it very well balance it comes with two top section, one is for power when fishing for big carp or pike then you have one for light fishing you can break it down from 4mtr to 3mtr and it only 260 gs


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            Right mate 1st off i prefer to use dynamite baits any day over sonu. dont know why lol.

            Secondly i use a preston inovasions 16" pan net. Ive had carp up to 8ibs in it no trouble. And generally thats all you need for matches.
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              anyone know if i could invest in a 42inch net thats rubber:\
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                MAP carp mugger, job done.