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Colmic F33 airon pole and H10 slim margin pole

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  • Colmic F33 airon pole and H10 slim margin pole

    Anyone ever used the f33 ?
    Spoke few got h10 margin pole said well built and strong but wanting try diff pole for once and maybe built the bulliet on colmic!
    Founf margin pole with 2 tops for 230 posted which be order this week but after strongish 16m pole can t afford top range models but want robust pole can use for all i need and going keep me lighter match 16m poles anyways!
    Todber do spares so not too far away as well!
    Thanks james

  • #2
    i think you will get the thumbs up for the beastmaster 850 b i own one and im very pleased with it 2 tops and cheaper as well


    • #3
      Had the F55 and that was a right hand full at 16 Mtrs so the F33 will be....

      Well make your own mind up but much better out there for the money.
      On the gathering storm comes a tall handsome man, in a dusty black coat and red right hand.


      • #4
        Glad asked,saw the F33 mint on ebay for 750 thats all!
        Can get colmic h1 with 2 tops for 230 just didn t want spend the extra for tri cast margin pole with extra sections!


        • #5
          F33 bag of s**t!


          • #6
            Haha glad bloody asked guys
            Just stick with old gis9 for time being as hardly fish much now a days due to running own garden landscaping business but are check the shimano beast master out too!!
            What is the best margin pole at length then??
            Is tri cast the best?


            • #7
              The Tricast XRS is light and stiff all the way up to 9m add the sections taking it 12m and it does go slightly.

              I use mine when I know I'm in a snag pit as you can give it some stick if need be.
              here carpy carpy carpy


              • #8
                Apparently so i have heard the new Middy M2 Margin pole is very good just to put it in the mix......


                • #9
                  That's the problem with all different makes and all good!
                  When had my trilogy Xs was going get the tri cast margin pole so had both wish had now,But shame the top kits never fitted each other ;(