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what makes a cupping top2 a cupping top2?

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  • what makes a cupping top2 a cupping top2?

    Apart from the fact that its printed on the side, what makes one of the top kits that came with my pole a cupping kit?

    could i elasticate it if needs be?

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    I would have thought so Beaty. My local tackle dealer used a universal top 2 to make me a cupping kit!
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      It will probably have thicker walls than a standard/power top 2, and as such will be stronger, and more suited to having the downforce pressure of a ball of groundbait directly on the end.

      This does mean it will probably unbalance your pole though.
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        The cupping kit will probably be a cheaper but beefier top kit, ideal for cupping as it will not ben so much under the weight of your pot but as already advised would probably be unbalanced at the end of the pole making it a bit top heavy. Be careful if you do use it as it will probably be the strongest part of the pole and in extreme cases you may put undue pressure on the next weakest part:-your number 4 . Keep tackle like laccies and line/hooklength balanced though (so the right bit breaks first) and it might be a useful tool. Could always keep it as a margin top kit for working top kit to hand.

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          i used my cupping in kit as a top kit and it OK, the only thing is to use lighter a elasticate when i mean lighter not red hydro. but back hydro is OK or even grey or you can go lighter if you want but that up to you and the way you fish, just balance it up just like ejayar said he is right about balancing it up.....


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            I should Imagen the cupping section will have alot more layers to make it thicker and stronger than a standard top two.
            But I cannot see how it cant be elasticated, It should work but I think fishing with it could throw your pole off balance when hooking a decent one.

            I maybe wrong. But please tell If I am

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              You can elasticate and cupping kit as you would do any top kit, and 9 times out of 10 it will be the strongest kit you'll have. As for the difference between cup kit and normal kits it depends on the manufacturer. Maver often just use power kits for cup kits whereas as Trabucco often use the top kits off the margin poles for cup kits.