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shot applicators

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  • shot applicators

    After several issues with his false teeth, my old man can no longer bite the shot onto his line.

    Anyone got any reccomendations on shot applicators?
    He only fishes with rod and line, so its gonna BB or No6 shot (not 8's, 10's etc)



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    These are really good:
    Review - Dinsmores Auto-Shot Applicator - FISHINGmagic FM Reviews

    They are a little expensive, but do work well.

    For larger shot a simple pair of styl pliers should be fine. Trap the line over the shot on your finger with the line under tension, and the split facing up, then a little squeeze of the pliers and you're away.

    Hope this helps.
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      i had seen those, but they are only in no.8, no.10 and no.11

      ill give the style pliers ago, and see if his gorrila hands can cope..

      cheers dave


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        A few companies sell an item known as a LEVAPIOMBO, its a set of small spring loaded pliers that you can squeeze shot on with and they also have a handy pin plier at the other end to remove shot with as well.
        If you have a DECATHLON near you try that first as they sell them for around £3 or try Ebay as i got mine for £2....i think maver sell them as do Sensas and they retail them at £6-7.
        Please God...let me win the lottery:rolleyes: