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Which line for hooklengths??

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  • Which line for hooklengths??

    I used to use Pro Micron years ago, but upon starting up again ive been using Preston Power Line.
    Ive not had any issues with it yet, but I need to get some more 0.10 and 0.09 today so was just wondering if anyone has any reccomendations of anyting else that may be better?


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    +Doesn't sound as if you are fishing for large fish, but Simon and I think that Sarfix DNA is the beesknees for hook lengths. IF you can get any!!
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      well as for pole fishing i use all sorts but when im specimen fishing for carp (im talking 20lb+) i use X-Line, i really rate it, and have increased my catch rate drastically switching from braid. i really hope X-Line bring out a match version, it would be the dogs the diameter of 10lb X-line is good at 0.24, and it is invisible in clear water. Im sure this will eventually be available to the match angler as it is super sensitive, flourocarbon line will be the way to go soon...


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        fox micro plus is neat or try new diawa line cool
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          Yes I use fox micro, Never had any problems, Plus its hardly visible in clear water.
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            I use fox micron or preson powerline these are both robust lines and have a very high breaking strain considering the diameters.

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              I also was a user of Pro Micron many moons ago before I gave up fishing. Having returned to the sport last year I went through asking for recommendations and trying numerous lines. I now use Shimano Antares Silk Shock, Garbolino Garboline and Ultima XT7 - all are supple, reasonably accurate, low memory, etc.


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                I am another pro micron fan who has a break and returned to the game.
                I have been using preston power line but beware the line diameters are not accurate the lower diameters are close but once around .15 + you are looking at around .02 thicker than stated ? also been told fox micron is very good.


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                  fox micron

                  Isn't fox micron now called fox micro plus ?
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                    Well yes and no, Only because they still retail the old ones. Fox micro and fox micro plus are two different products. I may be wrong but this is what I saw in the shop the other day.
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                      micro plus

                      I bought some fox micro plus on the recomendation that it was virtualy invisible in the water looks like I've dropped a clanger again
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                        silstar is very thin and very strong however it does stretch alot
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