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Baitrunner - Which One?

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  • Baitrunner - Which One?

    Hi all.

    This is my first post so please be gentle.

    I am seeking advice on the purchase of a new baitrunner reel. As you probably all know there are many makes and models out there with a vast range of prices to boot. I am looking for one that will mainly be used for barbel fishing but occasionally for carp. I will not be using it week in and week out but probably on a few occasions throughout the year. I do not want to pay megabucks for an all singing all dancing top of the range model but do not want something cheap and nasty either that will fall apart when used a few times. I am looking for a good quality reel that works well and represents value for money at a reasonable cost. The obvious makes that spring to mind are Shimano, Shakespeare and Abu, all of whom manufacture various models within their ranges. I have seen a few of these but am still no closer to making the right choice for one that will suit my purposes.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction and give a little advice of a suitable baitrunner make/model that is worth considering?

    Regards and thanks

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    On ebay there are some nice shakespeare ones i am considering to buy.
    If not look at okuma or shimano. cant go wrong there
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      Hi mate,
      If it's mostly for barbel fishing,I'd go for a shimano 5000 size-the best baitrunner in my opinion. I use a 5000 gte-c and find it superb. You can normally get a more basic shimano baitrunner for £40-£50 on ebay. Have a look at the korum freespin reels too,for around the same price,I've heard good things about these for river fishing for barbel. And you can still use any of these for carp too.
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