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Maver genisis and powerlite rods reviews

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  • Maver genisis and powerlite rods reviews

    Hi all, has anyone used these rods and what do you think ?

    Thinking of buying a couple of 12ft ready rods for the boys to speed things up to get fishing. lol

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    Have a couple of Abyss's, never had a rod where the line got caught on the eyes and tangled as bad, bloody nightmare. Dont know if its just the abyss but its quite frustrating at times.


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      I think there is a difference in quality between the abyss and the genisis and powerlite range.


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        someone must have one surely?


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          Although new-ish back to fishing I have the genesis 13' match and 12' feeder and have to say when I compared them to a mates top line Shimano rods I was well impressed and so was he. The match rod had no problem at all today knocking out 7x 5+lbs commons and mirrors in a couple of hours at a local lake not once did I feel under powered or in trouble and at the same time knocking out handfuls of 2oz perch and roach it was equally at home.

          So all in all I'm very pleased with mine, not to mention the matt black finish that looks the biz
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            Thanks for that shoots, that was a concern that they might be too stiff for the smaller fish, although they wont be targeting them. Just wanted a couple of ready feeder rods and 12ft match rods made up ready to go in ready rod holdals for a local carp and tench lake.
            I purchased a one of each 1 x powerlite feeder 12ft, 1 x 12ft genisis match rod and a genisis 12ft feeder to try them all out. Also got a few reels on ebay so looking forward to try them out in a few days. ;o)


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              well first impressions are good. The genisis rods are light and the finnish is excellent. Just need to try them out. The powerlite is a touch thinner and a bit lighter but to be honest i think i will struggle to see any difference in use. Time will tell.


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                Well i gave the powerlite and genisis feeders a go today and both performed well. The powerlite is stiffer in action and feels slightly more balanced.

                Given the two i would take the powerlite but if on a budget i would buy the genisis, this is still without a doubt a cracking rod and excellent value for money.

                I suppose it depends if your a match or just a casual fisherman. All in all you pay for what you get! Think i will try the reactorlite next ;o)