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Good Feeder line advice

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  • Good Feeder line advice

    Hiya all,

    Looking for advice on feeder line about 5 to 6lb. I have some ultima power but it apears to just unwind of the spool, Pain in the butt and causes tangles. I dont have to much on the spool so could it be the line is crap? Should i go for a softer line?

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    personally i would buy some Maxima Monofilament Fishing Line its cheap enuff and use the power line hook length that's my view


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      Daiwa Sensor 6 or 8lb. You get a bloody load of it for the money. Top stuff
      Warm Guinness is better than no Guinness at all!


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        If for normal commercial work / river work where a it pays to have a bit of stretch in the line then maxima & daiwa sensor are probably the best, as stated above the sensor line is around eight quid a spool and comes with 2320mtrs on it!!

        If fishing for bream / skimmers on the tip, i use Tubertini Feeder or Preston Direct Mono - both have been designed to stretch less and show up bites better (supposed to be half way between braid and mono lines)