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brolly pole

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  • brolly pole

    hello all

    do you know if it's possible to buy an extra long brolly pole instead of the extendable ones

    thanks regards


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    I think most brollys are made so as when folded, the fixed part of the pole does not extend much, if at all, beyond the folded brolley. Is that what you mean?

    Half man, half Octoplus, half bean wannabe test pilot.


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      Yes Luke

      The lower part of my brolly what extends in and out of the upper part broke today along with the plastic connector what tightens them together when extended to the corect height, so i was wondering if i could purchase a longer one piece pole instead of the two piece ones. sorry, by the way the upper part of my brolly which i would like to replace with the one piece longer one unscrews so it can be relocated at the back if you know what i mean.If they dont sell the longer ones do you know if the replacement power drive poles include the plastic connector.

      thanks again luke.


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        ah, you mean the angle adjuster thing ?

        I would reckon you could do something with a long, heavy duty bankstick, and some imagination ?

        Half man, half Octoplus, half bean wannabe test pilot.


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          didn't think of that, thanks mate

          will have a look at the dinsmores range of metalware, can probably use the rivet gun i have just ordered

          regards shooter