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max depth for pole fishing?..

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  • max depth for pole fishing?..


    Any advice on what depth you can pole fish comfortably to? I cant remember seeing any mention on what depth of water for using a pole..or do you just fish it off the bottom if the waters beyond a certain depth?.

    Reason why I'm asking is going to fish on a old river cutting thats not that wide but maybe 12ft+ down the centre..only previously fished a pole at 4ft max depth!..



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    you can fish it at any depth you can handle i have fished 20 ft but you have to get it right u need to practice... shipping out and landing fish
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      I tried at 15ft once. To be honest I did struggle alot with the actual line and elastic length. The shipping in and out was quite a pain too.

      Anyway, don't go on the bottom. do a easy option of pellet up in the water
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        some venues on avon i used to fish at 12m i was rigged up on a top 6 like said above it takes practise Now i'm regularly fishing 10-16ft deep in places and quite enjoy it Thing you must be aware of , is that in that depth of water the fish will feed off the bottom in some instances on hemp i've had to fish 3-4ft deep in a 12ft deep peg to catch the fish. You'll want to start on the bottom poss over groundbait and see how session progresses


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          Thnks for a comments everybody, the peg I fished the other day turned out to be only 6ft at 11m distance, will have to see if its any deeper in other places..

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            I must be a hero! I have fished in Ireland fishing 25ft deep with 12M of pole to hand - takes alot of effort and a proper strong pole! But good fun when you are getting a bream every chuck on double sweetcorn! Nice!
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              i wouldn't worry about the depth for poles they are capable of fishing deep its just more of a struggle the deeper you go.
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