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garbolno super g seatbox

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  • garbolno super g seatbox

    if anyones got one of these or had one could you give me pro"s and cons please

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    If i was you i would try to have a look at one in person before you think of buying on line. I had a look at one of these when i was looking for a new box as i liked the idea of the swivelling seat and side footplate. I went for a rive instead because i didnt like the build quality and was a bit dubious about the stability of the g clamp system, also if you notice when you rotate the seat 90 degrees you are off centre and not directly in line with the side footplate. This is due to the sdeat swivelling from the back of the frame and not from the centre. I do still like the idea of the g clamp system though and would like to hear myself if anyone has had stability issues with them.

    Regards Shooter


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      had mine over a year now - love it very stable & comfortable never had any aches or pains as your always siting far more corectelly due to the nature / shape of the seat. read a bit about others having some trouble with the catch system for the tray unit when in transit so i always lock it with a keep net arm or 2 when travelling ........simple ! only problem ive had with the clamp system is one of the plastic locking shims squashed causing the the leg to slip - but this was my fault for over tensioning the g clamp!!. 1 tip i would give is buy a shorter set of legs ( for the middle) as std legs are very tall & can sometimes get in the way............every one whos had a sit on mine loves it ....ony today i went round to see one of the lads after i packed up & had a go on his gear (milo) while he coffeed ...........liked my garbo even more after getting off !!


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        used mine for the first time today ,its the first time in ages that ive fished a match in comfort .just sold my Rive and have looking around for a comfortable seatbox im so glad i got a Gbox . lilpinkie right though you do need to change the middle legs for shorter ones.


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          have you got the carbon or the alloy version


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            jessus did not now that topper was your uncle bud the man was a legend on rivers and the "topper" aka bulker or what ever name u want to call it was genius good old fishing when you had to have water craft to catch


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              ive got the carbon one


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                I have had my carbon version for over 12 months, and i have to say it is the best box on the market for comfort and posture!!! it is very stable and with the side platform it will take anything you through at it!!
                As for build quality i would have to say it is not the best, as already stated the plastic shims that hold the rig box had snapped off, but a quick call to DC and he sent me a set foc. (well done DC and Garbolino)
                A couple of my mates have tried it and all have said how comfy it is...!! I hope you enjoy using your Gbox as much as i do....


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                  ive just bought one not to keen on the seat and the draws been right underneath.. also once ive got a fish in the landing net i like to sit on my top kit to keep th line tight but with this box it cnt be done but other than that i love the box upto now and look forward to parking my rear all next season on it
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