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MAver M47

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  • MAver M47

    I have been offered a S/H Maver M47 16.5m pole at silly money (less than 1/2 the price of the one on eBay), admittedly it does have a proffesionally repaired No.5 section but thats the only thing I can find, so I thought I'd have a check out and see if anyone has any feedback on them, I have tried searching on here and via google but can find next to nothing about them, so any and all feedback much appreciated
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    They were Maver's flagship pole several years ago, there are still a few lads that use them on the matches i fish. They're not a bagging pole but if handled correctly are more than capable of landing very big carp. They are fairly light and responsive if not the stiffest compared to modern poles. I wouldn't be too worried about the repair to the no5 as long as its a proper job, i would check all the joints fit securely as Maver's can wear quite a bit. Top kits and spare sections still come up on ebay quite often and can be picked up in the classifieds of the forums now and again. If the pole is in good condition and has the required top kits and the price is as good as you say, buy it and use it - it will always sell on again if you don't like it.


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      I used one for about 3 years and passed it on to my son whose used it for 2 years.Personally ive had an 18lb carp on it.The pole bent up a lot but handled it in the open water ok.As stated once the power tops go on it drops.With the match tops on its not bad.Ive had absolutely no problems with it,no breaks,in fact it still looks quite new.Maybe ive been lucky,but i think a lot of breaks are caused by the owner dropping or sitting on sections etc.If you can get it cheap then snatch there hand off.Like the k47 before it,i think some off the older models might not be as stiff as the newer poles,but seem to outlast the newer competition range.


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        The M47 is a top quality pole and as others have said, it is a little softer than some newer models but the advantage to that is that it will be a bit more forgiving. One of my team-mates used one until very recently and he is a top angler and he's had over 180lb in a match on it. He broke a couple of sections here and there but it was only ever his own fault! If the price is good then I'd take it mate. Even if you don't like it you could sell it on and probably even get a bit more for it than you paid.

        Good luck whatever you decide. Graham