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Hooklength lengths?

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  • Hooklength lengths?

    Hi all,

    whilst i appreciate that everyone nowadays seem to use hooklengths of around 6 inches in length, i cant help but think that this must create a much thicker section of line where the loops are which is positioned right in the eyeline of the feeding fish (in effect, double the thickness of your mainline)????????

    As i say, i understand that most people do this (even Alan Scotthorne and he dont do too bad does he?) but as i say, i always have more confidence in my rigs when i either fish straight through or have a hooklength of around a foot as opposed to 6 inches.

    I am just interested to hear if any of you have had any similar thoughts?
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    i dont use loops ....some of my hook lenghts are 2inches....
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      Straight through 10 hook no loop or knots no mucking about and i drink fosters thats for roach only


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        Straight through is as simple as it gets with when it comes to rigs, be it pole or running waggler (less weak spots/knots) but it isn’t the most practical when it comes to adapting the method on the day changing a hook size or creating a breaking point when fishing to a snag having the same lengths means no plumbing up after a hook loss.

        Its not too important when pleasure fishing but on matches it does make a difference to have hook lengths. not many anglers wouldn’t try a longer and shorter length on the day as its simpler if your not getting the bites.


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          i think its if you put shot on your hooklength or not, if you dont, use a short hooklength, if you do, use a longer hooklength, but either way hooklegth are the way to go!!!


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            The only time I use different sizes of hook length is feeder fishing, on pole rigs 5" loop to loop.
            No trouble to the fish so why worry, some people just look for reasons for not catching.
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              It makes more sense using a hooklengh in any aspect of fishing for me, if i get snagged its always the hooklengh that goes and its much easier to sort out that setting up a whole new rig especially in match conditions. Fishing the pellet Wagg i sometimes wish i had fished straight through but its always after ive lost that big important fish, sods law... And as for weak spots on my pole lines i cant remember the last time i lost a fish due to using a hooklengh other than being snagged, i always use my loop tier to make the loops (which i couldnt do without they are great) and always make sure my loop to loop connection is right. As for your comments Blueser regarding fish seeing doubled up line and maybe spooking them, if that was the case then i would be more conncerned about them seeing my feeder/hooklink swivel and connector more? We can all second guess what fish can and cant see and by refining the end tackle will help but when fish are competting for your bait they will have it....


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                Whilst I am more than happy to use loop to loop heres an alternative that produces a very tidy knot.



                • #9
                  i use a mix size of hook lengths depend on what i am fishing different pound line.


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                    my hook lenghts am 8inch long, since i changed back to hook lenths it does speed your fishing up in matches i sat next to a bloke in a match it was weird we both lost our hooks on a fish at the same time which was mad i got a new hook lenght out the box and was fishing in seconds while he got his hook tyer out and then had to check his depth i had 2 more fish in the time he wasted doing it straight through
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