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a seatbox is a seatbox

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  • a seatbox is a seatbox

    hi guys its alf here my qustion is to u guys is why isit that we all seem to give a dam about what we sit on people say rive all the way although i am in no dought that they are good although i had two and sold one and broke one why isit everyone seems too think that people care what u have if u enjoy fishing why does it matter what u have i am happy with my space station xs and too those saying the draws break that is just rubbish i am 14 st and have never broke a section yet in a year of having it but what i am trying to say is if it suits you're needs who gives a dam what it looks like case closed

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    I love my Rive, It is no doubt better made than all other boxes on the market. It is more stable than any other box on the market, is nicer looking than any other box on the market and it does things other boxes cant. It also makes my fishing so much more comfortable, It gives me peace of mind when fishing uneven banks, knowing i wont end up in the cut like i have done with other makes. So sorry i disagree a seatbox is not just a seatbox. Wouldnt have a preston box given me, cheap chinese tat. If anyone disagrees about Rive its cause they cant afford one.

    Regards Shooter.


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      By the way, My RIVE box has got a swivelling seat, spirit levels and soon to have side footplate with RIVE D36 stability in abundance.

      Regards Shooter


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        Well I certainly can afford one, but I think they are the ugliest most overpriced rubbish on the market.



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          Originally posted by Carlbags View Post
          Well I certainly can afford one, but I think they are the ugliest most overpriced rubbish on the market.

          You Think, So youve never owned one then.


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            I don't need to own one, I have eyes... FUGLY....



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              i owned one fair enough it like 1000 yrs old lol but i got one and considering how old it is its great and nothing broken even tho its old and is worth nuffin but it mine and i love it but i got a shakespeare beta box and if your a beginner there great to it just depends how much you got and how often you fish and ability be no good a 6 yr old boy who fishes with his dad once a month on £land rods and a £1000 rive box


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                Thank You Nick.

                You hear that carlbags, 1000 years old, built to last, bombproof and a tackle tarts dream if you can afford one.
                I rest my case.



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                  A 1000 year old Rive... quick call the antiques roadshow..


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                    like the look of rive box's would love one. i can afford 1 too but would rather keep my on box there too dear for a box


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                      i can afford 1 as well
                      But i dont think any box is worth a Grand
                      I use an Avanti Space Station £200 it is the most stable box i have ever had .
                      Believe me i aint no Featherweight as many on here know
                      Would reccomend it to anyone !!
                      A few of the lads @ Moorlands have recently started using them ,
                      Think i might Ring Roger Surgay & ask for Sponsorship !!!
                      No item of Tackle will suit us all ,it is down to personal choice,
                      Same as everything else .


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                        I know they are a little overpriced, but i think some of that was due to the exchange rate which the dealers in this country have not passed on to thier customers when the rate improved. Money aside i honestly dont think there is a box on the market what is as stable or better built. I have previously owned a preston x5, and a milo 1000 before the rive and neither came close for stability or simplicity in use. the extras are quality built aswell. Have you never noticed how many top anglers use them. Money aside there is no box better. If you can afford one i would recommend anyone to get one.

                        regards shooter
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                          20 years ago some of the best boxes around were ASI or Boss 6 / 8 draw systems, the Boss was around £450, if you take RPI index of 3%, project it forward 20 years you get around £810. (the price of a decent Rive)

                          I sold my Boss box 18 months ago after 15 years good service, it was still in very good condition.

                          In 15 years time, i will sell the Rive i bought a few months ago. It will still be in good condition. (i just wont be able to lift it !)

                          What is the one item of kit you will use every time you go fishing for the entire duration of your session.... your seatbox.


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                            ive got a rive best box on the market bought it 8-10yrs ago 2nd hand £250 came with three side trays 8 tiers and 2 stacker units in all the time ive had not one thing as gone wrong with it


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                              I think shooter's getting confused between being able to afford a Rive, and wanting to buy one.

                              I can afford one, but I doubt I'll get one. Too big, too fussy, and won't do owt my Tourney Pro and Strongbox don't do.

                              I'd sooner break out the THERE was a