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GT wheel kit

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  • GT wheel kit

    Anyone got any experience with these for the d36 range and what do you think compared to the rive wheel kit or fox barrow
    GT Angling Products - GT WHEEL KITZ

    thanks shooter

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    Looks nice and sturdy but not that quick to attach / assemble.
    I got the rive wheel kit (the type with the pins that lock into the footplate) Takes 30 secs to put the wheels and handle on. Your carryall will sit on the footplate and off you go ! Unless carrying tons of stuff its plenty strong enough and its a one handed trolley whereass the barrow type need both hands.
    Not cheap to buy tho. Got mine on ebay and saved a few £.


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      Thanks for replying mate. How do you find the wide wheel base and does the handle move at all in the locking pins. have you tried it over rough ground

      regards shooter


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        I haven't found the wheelbase to be a problem, but i guess it could be on very narrow footpaths. The tyres are big and fat enough not to get stuck in ruts etc in fields.

        I put some extra locking pins/ plates (£8.50 a set) on the back edge of the front bar of the footplate, this makes the handle location rock solid. I think the newer handle attaches with 'clip one' clamps round the front legs but i understand this can mark and scratch the legs.