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Can anyone help?!! Looking to buy a good canal pole 600 quid to spend ?

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  • Can anyone help?!! Looking to buy a good canal pole 600 quid to spend ?

    I currently own a daiwa sr3 and Get on with it but not on canals, it seems a bit to floppy. Have looked at the shaman exage bx14.5m but not enough top 3's ?

    Any help appreciated


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    For that money i think id look out for a good conditioned second hand maver pole.Something like the 371 seems to be popular with some of the canal anglers.a 371 with enough match tops would probably be around £5-600 and is plenty strong and stiff enough for the cuts.Daiwa tourneys are still fetching about a grand second hand and the other popular cut pole the garbo g10 is still expensive.You can get the sensas poles but for your money you will only get an average performance,so id look to the second hand market and get a pole with as many tops as possible because thats where a lot of money is spent.
    good luck


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      i got a garbo g995 m8 with loads of topkits superb canal pole but will also handle carp


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        Keep your eyes peeled for a second hand dam futron. Still the best cut pole ever made. Should be able to pick one up for peanuts and uni match tops for it are about 20-25 quid. Sold mine a couple of years ago but wish I had kept it now as I would have fished TK's grueller series this winter instead of a commie. Funny but TK has it now!!!!


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          SimonP may well be selling his Maver 371 for about 600 quid. Loads of top kits etc so might be worth a PM to Simon to ask.



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            Thanks for all the help


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              ive recently got a 301 - used - great silver fish pole - well stiff & light - quite a few kicking about -used - could do a lot worse


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                second hand daiwa spectron