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MAVER 371 pole package..... help needed.

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  • MAVER 371 pole package..... help needed.

    Hi there,

    Looking to sell my Maver 371 pole.

    It is absolutely immaculate, no damage, no chips, cracks or scratches even on the graphics.

    It has been used for around 12mts (not much during that time) and has been cleaned and well looked after.

    The pole comes with the following:

    371 16mtr pole.
    6 x power top twos
    5 x match top 3's (one still new in wrapper)
    2 x spare No4 sections
    1/2 mtr Dolly butt.
    Cupping Kit

    Pole is fully bunged, bushed and elasticated with hollows and solid elastics.

    I would like advise on how much you think its worth please.... any help would be great.


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    £600 maybe £650 but the only problem you will encounter is that Maver seem to update their pole range when the weather changes so already the 371 is at least two updates old and the latest update is about to hit the shops and no matter how good it is (and this is a brilliant pole - I had one!) some people will still see it as an old model.

    The 371 is a very nice pole and with 11 top kits and the other stuff it's got to be worth 650 quid of anyones money. This is only my opinion and I'm sure there will be lots of comments from all the Maver haters on here!! (cue Nathan!)

    Good luck though Simon.


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      Cheers Graham.


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        Simon, I can only agree with Graham..

        MAVER 371 16.M COMPETITION POLE HARDLY USED on eBay (end time 22-Oct-10 18:57:41 BST)

        That might give you an idea pal..
        Effort = Reward.


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          Top man Ian thanks!!!


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            Pole on ebay sold for £720.00 gotta be a good price that!!!!
            Suppose its about right when you take off £72.00 in final value fee charges!!!!

            Thanks for you help though guys!!


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              Sounds about right! Simon, there's a guy put a thread on the 'Wanted' section on here for a decent 16m pole for canal work. He wants to spend about £600 and somebody has recommended a Maver 371 so it might be worth giving him a PM if you have one to sell. Avoiding ebay will save you shed loads of money if you get a Pay Pal 'gift' payment.

              Might help!



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                Oops!! the thread is actually on this section not the wanted section.


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                  I recommended a 371 to someone the other day as maverman said.This pole is exactly what i told him to look out for,with plenty of spares.If he reads this post he wants to get in touch with you sharpish as i dont think you will have a problem selling,
                  good luck


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                    Thanks Cornerstone!!


                    • #11
                      at around £700 any other time id have snached your hand off mate,
                      great pole as close as you will get to the 401
                      brookside anglers EX- superstar


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                        Thanks davebee

                        close as you will get to the elite 77, better than the 401 i.m.o (better balance)

                        Now for sale in the "for sale section"

                        Thanks to everyone for the help and advice!!!


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                          fair comment simon, great pole
                          good luck with it

                          (wonder if i should have a word with mrs bee)lol
                          brookside anglers EX- superstar


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                            Thanks again davebee

                            Ill knock a bunch of flowers of the purchase price!!! lol


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                              Hi mate, ebay does charge 10% on sales but it is capped at a max of £40.I know its still expensive but you will be putting out to a larger audience there for you should get more money for it(in theory).
                              Don't you just love it when your daughter kicks your ass:o