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  • brocken

    about 1 month agoi i snapped the very tip of my pellet waggler just the top ring and
    a bit of the rod but not the second ring
    if i got this fixed would it affect the action of the rod
    the rod is browning syntec about 4 month old so i would rather get it fixed than a new rod
    cheers fil

  • #2
    I would say if it's less than 2 inches it will be ok but anymore will ruin it. Just get another or the same end eye glued on, do NOT cut back to next eye!


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      Like nath said see if anyone has a spare tip section you could buy off them
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        New end eyes are available on ebay for about £1.99!! you will just need to accurately measure the thickness of the rod where you want to fit the new eye, but as Nathan says any more than an inch or two at the most will seriously affect the action and feel of the rod.

        Good luck mate. Graham