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Top kits bottom kits cup kits etc etc

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  • Top kits bottom kits cup kits etc etc

    as i have been away from fresh water fishing for about 20 years i have started back again and i am now looking at a pole but what is all this stuff about top kits etc

    i have seen poles advertised with 1 2 or 50 kits etc

    can somebody please explain what i would need to have an all round pole and also all this elastic stuff as well


    Just got back into fishing so please be patient

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    not sure weather this is in the right section buddy but if u mean what sort of pole u should be looking at then that all comes down the the finance u have mate if u have 2000+ then torney pro airity maver 501 sensas 774 all very good very light very rigid pole all very good packages mate but if it 500-1000 then maver 371 301 and daiwa sr3-5 are also good consiur g20 is also light stiff and rigid for a little over a grand and all have good package deals again but if its 200-500 then it gets harder maver 131-141 are good fairly light fairly stiff daiwa sr3 at 470 if u shop about are good at shorter lenths aka 11.5-13 meters also map are good at lower end of the market and have for the money fairly good packages so all depend how much money you have mate good luck and welcome back to fresh water fishing hope u enjoy it


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      Look at the links on the lft for further info:

      Fishyworld - There is something fishy going on here!

      Basically your top kit is the 2 or 3 sections of the pole that contain the elastic, 2 or 3 kits will cover most of your needs for pleasure fishing.

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