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    Hello all,

    Can anyone recommend a decent pole for fishing to hand on rivers.

    Most fishing will be at about 7 metres but may want to fish longer from time to time.
    Probably looking to spend between £100-£300.

    Thanks in advance


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    Buy a Shimano Technium XTA 12.5m. The best around in that price bracket by a mile! Get one for about £230ish!


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      Don't think many people do this but if see something I like, always write the name down and look on ebay. I was in a shop near me called trafford anglers and there was a milo tardis for 600. I ebay the make and model and saw a few. I placed my bids and won ! Only to see myself saving over 300 smackers !!

      I would say if buying from tere make sure you read the full description and keep a check on the item incase the seller has re-added a comment, Could mention that it has a crack, something broken or missing.
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        Thanks for that guys, so you don't think you need a specialist pole for fishing to hand on the rivers ?
        I already have a Maver Deploy and a Diawa TDR for my everyday fishing, i may as well give them a try !!

        Thanks once again



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          What venues and stamp of fish you expecting David?
          Even when I draw a half decent peg fate conspires against me...............:(


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            Hiya TK,

            Would be mainly River Aire for skimmers and odd larger bream.




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              leeda consept £150 strong enouth for barbel 13m 3 power top 2's 1 match kit
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