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new daiwa logo

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  • new daiwa logo

    Has anyone seen the new daiwa logo? I've just seen it on the new airity pole in match fishing magazine,and personally I think it looks naff! It also makes it look like it's spelt 'diaiwa'. What do you think of it guys and gals? ;-)
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    I don't really like it. If anything it looks dated, a bit like logos from the 80's, I can't see why they have changed a universally recognised logo!


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      Paul, its awful & as you say it looks as if it is spelt wrong. Change for changes sake me thinks. cheers John


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        DIAIWA...wots that all about,looks utter gash that.
        Don't you just love it when your daughter kicks your ass:o


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          Yeh, see what you mean, you can have a look at it on the link below-

          Apparently its got the T.D before the Diawa if you look closely at it, and becomes clearer the more you stare at it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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            Daiwa's official comments on the brand changing-

            2011 is a big year for Daiwa UK. Daiwa has a new logo and a fresh new brand image that it wants to align in every country - we first saw the release of the new Daiwa logo in Australia in December 2009. As you can see, it's a radical change from the logo we've all grown up with. I'm sure it won't be to everyone's favour but I really think it's a great move from Daiwa. While I agree that this is a gamble in terms of brand recognition, I think the new look and feel is bang on for a company that produces some of the most technically advanced fishing tackle on the planet.

            While sales people may have reservations in changing something that was already working, the real bonus for us anglers is that in an effort to erase use of the old brand and logo, Daiwa has released a massive range of new tackle this year - all featuring the new Vector logo.

            What follows is a quick glance at what attracted our attention at the recent Tackle & Guns Show at Stoneleigh Park. The Daiwa stand only featured a small fraction of the 2011 range due to size constraints but there was still plenty to get excited about before the 2011 Daiwa catalogue lands in the next couple of weeks.
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