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9ft Hit and hold

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  • 9ft Hit and hold

    I'm after a 9ft rod for near trees and snags(on the waggler), last time had to used my 12ft abyss but too long and a bit too soft(only had my 12ft carp rod with me but kills the fun plus too long). Want something shorter with a bit extra strength but not too strong (fish only up to about 10lb) as I don't want to kill the fun, more hit and hold as they are quite good fighters.

    Any recommendations/ suggestions up to£20/£30
    Cheers in advance

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    That size and price means just one thing. Garbolino all the way. Either rocket picker waggler or knock out waggler.
    They are brilliant and just what your looking for. Have a look on the garbolino web site for further details.

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      rich is right mate,in that price range-the garbo is the only way to go. great fun little rods,ideal for what you need
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      Alwight tweacle?


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        cheers lads I shall give them a lookin at.


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          What did you decide on in the end.

          NEW PB 108lb 2oz, 26/08/2012 Wyatt?s pool, Cobhouse Fishery
          106lb 4oz, 17/08/2011 Laugherne Island pool, Cobhouse Fishery


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            Garbolino as above
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              Sorry for the slow reply, Garbolino were very nice but couldn't get my hands on one locally to look at (and seemed to be expensive for something I won't use that often).
              Ended up with 2 Avanti 10 foot feeder rods modified to about 8 1/2 foot. Nice and strong to hold the fish out of the snags and not to long as to snag the trees.
              Cant wait to go and try them now but its far too cold yet. They only cost 20 quid for the 2, plus I threw in some pop ups out of the Angling times and some free gloves with the postage, bargain.


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                avanti are now doing an 8ft rod they call it the magic wand it comes with four tips 3oz 4oz 5oz and 6oz.
                l bought one at the Trentham sale the other saturday as l thought well for £10 why not. the three heavier tips are really too strong but maybe come in ok for bullying zoo creatures out of some tight snaggy swims on the river.
                l used mine the following day on a club water and had over 90lb including three doubles using it with an inline feeder with micro pellets and bread on the hook. the rod really handled the carp very well and it will be living in the car boot from now on with a few bits n bobs just in case l get a few spare hours to fish on the odd chance.
                l intend to try and get a couple of finer tips for this rod as it would make it that bit more sensative.