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Which pole support

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  • Which pole support

    I've got a Milo box and want to get a new pole spreader bar, I've been thinking about the Prestons support bar, but I don't know if it fits on a Milo box, heard different stories? Any one tried one or got any better options for a pole support.

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    I asked a similar question to a few people last year and was looking at the preston, but on advice from a mate I settled on the fox one. Having a boss box which also has square legs as i presume the milo does both should fit perfectly.


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      preston do fit on milo had one till it got nicked last year still use the preston support but on a x3 box now
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        i have a milo box and i have got the milo new pole spreader bar but with the roller going right a cross the front of the box. i got it at the nec last yr for £30 Pound's it the best one i have got. i have a Preston one and pup system if i was you i would get the milo one i can ship out so much better when it rain's becases of the roller help, and it work's brill when fishing at 16 meter's it also helps you ship back faster to.. but you must keep it level with your leg so you have roller leg back roller's all got to be level for you to get the best out of it. i think they are about £35 Pound's in the shop but if you shop around you may get one cheaper......


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          i have a spary bar paid nothing for it gose every where with me and its adjustable
          yes you got it its called my
          only messing i got the new milo one but not tried it yet as its on my new box that i have not used yet but i will let you know what its like
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            Nice one, I'll have a look around see what I fancy.


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              ive got a milo 150 seatbox and have had a fox bump bar but had to file the fittings for it to fit the milo legs sold the fox and have now got a prestons bump bar and can confirm they fit a treat using the red inserts supplied with the preston...