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? line diameters?

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  • ? line diameters?

    who makes a rig up by reading the diameter and not the breaking strain?

    i know quite a few people who do this but, obviously every brand of line will have a different diameter to the breaking strain.

    ie. fox 0.8 = 1lb 12 oz
    preston 0.8 = 2lb 4 oz

    (i know that that is not correct but i have used this as an example)

    do you not think that this could be playing with fire. lets say that your fishing a canal and you have a number 4 elastic on.You have chosen you line by the diameter instead of the breking strain then you hook a big fish. but you have a heavyer line than your elastic can take, so your elastic snaps. then your leaving a fish with a rig and elastic floats around the canal.

    if you do pick a line by the diamter and not the breaking strain why do you do this? iknow that mark downes is a very big fan of picking a line by its diameter. what are your views?
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    I always choose line by diameter. When your rig is being pushed to the extreme the hooklength should be the first thing to give way. If you tailor your lines to the elastic every time then even if you choose the line with the highest breaking strain the hooklength should go first if you use a double overhand loop on the hooklength.


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      what if you dont use a hooklength in some situations?

      and why is it that you choose to select a line by the diamter?
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        I think it comes down to knowing what a line is capable of , say you take lines of .6 .8 .10 .12 and .14 , you can visually see the difference but with breaking strains its a bit of guess work unless you do a few tests , maybe putting its into categories will help ,say , .7 , .8 for roach fishing ..... .10 , .12 for perch and bream and .14 and above for carp/tench . This is what i do and that suits me but it comes down to personal choice .


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          thanks richie
          [B][SIZE=4][COLOR=black]Shaun Pearce [/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]


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            richie is spot on in my opinion
            I never bother looking at the breaking strain only the diameters are important to me.
            That said I dont believe the given diameters on the spools either choosing to use a micrometer for all.
            My favourite line at the moment is Preston Power line and that is way out in stated diameters !
            Ok in the smaller diameters .6,7, but .17 for example mikes up at over .19 so it does pay to check


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              you should always read of the diamater because you no when ur stepping up or down in strength because if you use two differnt brands of line you could go for a lighter hooklength material when it may in fact have been thicker jamie masson explained in apf.