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7 top kits fish mainly commercials what combinations of elastics would you recommend

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  • 7 top kits fish mainly commercials what combinations of elastics would you recommend

    hi there fish mainly commercials thru summer spring winter what elastic combinations would you all recommened for my seven top kits covering silvers f1s carp munter carp intrested to see what you come up with only 2 can use hydro because of cost

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    Hi corn muncher

    Middy do a very good Hollow elastic for about £6 so you dont have to pay £15 for hydro. You could also think of putting pull bungs in a couple of top kits so you can use a lighter elastic for smaller fish and then have the reserve of the bung for any bigger fish that arrive. In my kits I have 2 middy red 12-16 hollow 2 maver solid 12 elastic to pull bungs, 1 maver solid 10 to pull bung, 1 middy yellow 6-10 on a pull bung and 1 kit with yellow garbolino hollow.

    Hope this helps a bit.


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      never realy liked the idea of pull bungs i think maybe to many hook pulls but may try one this season may try middy also but what do you think of the garbalino elastics in the hollow that was what i was thinking about trying out aswell let me know cheers


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        get all the hydro you can afford (black) middy hollo yellow 10-12 i think some beefy laccy's (what ever your pole can handle) for margin work. 18 solid for snags 12 solid . that should see you throu
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          Since ive been using the pull bungs I dont think ive had a hook pull with a bigger fish. Garbolino is a great hollow, I think the yellow is perfect for small carp, and i might try the green for later in the year.


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            cheers mark 777 think i will give the garbalino a try,they make some good tackle