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maver dualcore

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  • maver dualcore

    hi guys i was thinking of putting maver dualcore in my new speedmaster it came with 2 match 4's and 2 power kits i fish venues like woodlands and the oaks what could you reccomend for them.
    Also would u reccomend removing the top1 and putting the laccy straight through the top2 on the match kits to save cutting them bk any help would be good A.S.A.P has i have a match on sunday and need to get them laccied
    thanks all
    Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain' !!

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    My first time out with Dual Core saw me loose that many fish that it almost went straight in the bin, but a little bit of adjusting the tension seemed to make it work better and by the end of the session I managed to keep a few on the hook. Judging by my experience with it I would be reluctant to use it first time up in a match, better to have a pleasure session first.
    If most of your fishing is on the commercials it would be better to remove the number one from the match kit.
    Dual core does last as mine has been in for over 3 years and only had a couple of inches taken off it.


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      thanks brian for the advise will let ya know how i get on
      what do you think of preston hollow is that any good
      Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain' !!


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        Not used it but know one or two that have and rate it, my moto is if it aint broke then dont fixit


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          I know its expensive but you still cant beat hydro!
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            I spent a year or two using the 6-10 and 12-20 Dual Core and once I had learned how to play fish correctly, it performed really well. The 6-10 is great for winter fishing or mixed fishing on commercials and the 12-20 is fine for most sizes of carp.

            However, on the venues I fished the carp were getting bigger and I felt a little undergunned with the dual core and I went onto black hydro, which IMO has a bit more power in reserve.

            I've seen some very good anglers using the dual core (Scotthorne and Masson) and they seemed to be landing decent fish in reasonable time.

            The secret with the stuff is to keep the pole low and hardly pull against the fish. Once you are dwon the top three, lift like mad and scoop them. The only problems experienced by the lads who were using it was when they had the poles in the air and were giving the fish too much stick. Once there are metres and metres of elastic out you can have all sorts of fun and games.

            Mind you, those pull bungs might make the use of hollow elastics even more effective. I tried it with carp on the white hydro and it made a hell of a difference.


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              well i fished my match 2day and i used 12/20 and h15 was a good bit of fun coz only put the laccys in last nite so needed abit of twicking but i think i got it sorted after the 3rd fish and i really do like the daulcore and yes i agree u need to keep the top2 down then just scoop i lost a few from doing this at the net but in time practice will pay off plus i only have 1 match left this season so i have plenty time to get it rite b4 next yr when our league starts again
              Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain' !!


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                re;duel core

                Hi Lads,
                Ive just put some maver duel core 12-20-red in my top two and am going down to woodlands on saturday,its the first time ive ever fished with this type of elastic, HOPE IT DOESNT SPOIL MY DAY,didnt think it would be so hard to use.
                Can anyone give me some advice on this and tell me what lake is the best choice apart from the match lakes? Is pellet and lunchen meat still on?


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                  i would prob drop my laccy down to a 6/10 dualcore this time off yr coz the carp don't scream off so fast and hard more so with this cold snap but if u do hit a lump then u could have a little trouble but u will still land it just may need to stand on ya box lol and has for bait i tend to switch to corn and pellet in the colder months or even bread flake or worm m8 but its your call let me know how ya get on
                  Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain' !!


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                    re;elatic duel core

                    Had a good day caught three carp and loads of little stuff,one carp i hooked was some size however it wrapped me round a snag and got off,nevermind.
                    Didnt find it a problem using dual core.