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paste floats

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  • paste floats

    what paste floats do people use
    i used sensas long worm floats green and black but cant get hold off any
    what best 1s to try pm cheers
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    if any1 has any sensas green and black floats 0.4g i will buy them straight aways pm cheers
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      dont know if your interested but i have these in my float range if there any good for you in 0.1 0.4 and 0.6 £1.50 each 532191_384507668240399_100000435081840_1356545_704920063_n.jpg
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        oh and these in a o.3 just waiting on spring eyes coming in 521856_384507994907033_100000435081840_1356547_1724758018_n.jpg


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          Tubertini do 2 models, one in black and the other gold and black and they are a good job mate, check them out.


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            hi mate i use these that i make the range from:

            reds 4X10-4X14
            Orange 0.5g

            All Cost £1.50

            paste flaots.jpg
            [CENTER][SIZE=7][B][COLOR=red][COLOR=blue][I][I]Bg Floats[/I][/I][/COLOR] [/COLOR][I][SIZE=5][COLOR=#0000FF]hand made floats [/COLOR][/SIZE][/I][/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]
            [CENTER][B][SIZE=5][COLOR=#FF0000]They [/COLOR][COLOR=#ff0000]Stand the Test of Time - [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=4]Contact:[/SIZE] [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL][/B][/CENTER]


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              woodstag! u could try if u have one or two from that range in different weight capacities HE CAN AND WILL COPY THEM FOR U..... Only the bodies though u could then stick them together urself ,sounds alot more work than it is ...... Great feeling when ur done as well..
              Those orange ones in boggies pics look smart if u dont mind making a compromise!


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                can recomend the floats made by ian(daiwa destroyer)these floats are top notch.
                [SIZE=7]ELWELL FLOATS

                [/SIZE] [url][/url]