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Preston Shuttle

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  • Preston Shuttle

    Hi, has anyone used these? What are they like and do they fold up? (cant find any pics on the net of it unassembled) I drive a three door hatchback and i'm slightly worried that it wont fit in my car. Also my box is the Fox MSB 1 (folding footplate) and i'm not sure it will fit nicely and securely on the shuttle.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    They break down into small bits so will fit in your car,should fit a fox box no probs.


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      i have a 4 wheel shuttle that i have motorised ,i can fit it into my wifes car with no problems & i cannot remove the wheels & motor as they are Fixed @ Handle end !!
      Wifes car is a KIA RIO hatchback


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        Best piece of kit I own, takes apart into many different pieces, I personally just break it into 2 and put on a chair in the car.
        Your fox box will fit on it fine, I use my maver box and it fits just as good as a preston.
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