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Preston Hooklength Boxes.

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  • Preston Hooklength Boxes.

    As in the title, any users out there want to tell me why I should buy some?

    I've looked at them and just think that even with short, method hooklengths, if you've got a quickstop or band on an hair and you put more than one hook on a peg they're gonna tangle up. Am I wrong?

    Also, the 'peg' that you put your loop over looks huge! My loops are typically much smaller than that.

    I tend to tie two or three hooklengths up the night before a match and fix them to feeders which then sit in my groundbait bowl ready for use. Problems begin if you want to change bait or presentation at which point I'll tie some more up.

    This is far from efficient!

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    ive got several boxes for all my hook lengths, never had a problem wih hairs tangling, your right about the pegs being to big needed a bit of doctoring with nail clippers and alls good, get some great bit of kit
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      Hi Pablofish.
      as the man above said.
      All the best steve.


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        Okay, thanks for the replies fella's. Looks like I need to get me some.

        Up until now I've been using slide winders and tagging one onto the previous which has worked to a fashion but is far from ideal.

        I'm assuming they're watertight (?) or do you need to throw a bit of rice in with them?


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          They are great bits of kit, tidy kit, tidy mind! They shut fairly well, doubt they're watertight though, I've never had any problems though
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            Originally posted by stevel View Post
            they are great bits of kit, tidy kit, tidy mind! They shut fairly well, doubt they're watertight though, i've never had any problems though
            same opinion as above


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              Look on reviews and ive done a write up on them.
              Best on the market IMO
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                Look at the MAP one mate, Bit more expensive but far more versatile. I have had both but have given my Preston ones to my son as now I have everything i need in one box.

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                  The preston boxs are cheap enough, lightweight, slim design so are easy to store, they're not watertight but if they do get wet dry out easily at room temp! a very good h/l box!!!


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                    Okay so on your collective heads be it... I popped out and bought one, tied up 20 hook lengths and... went back to the shop the next day for another one!

                    These really are good and I'm wondering how I ever got on without them.

                    My reservation about the pegs being a bit big for my loops was unfounded really as I use one of those Seymo 'disc with sticks' styleƩ loop tyer thingies and simply switched to the larger side. It's neat enough.

                    Boxes probably aren't entirely waterproof but by god the catches are secure! Struggled to get the thing open to start with, think there's a knack.

                    Anyhow's, thanks for the advice fella's, shop doesn't stock the MAP ones so I couldn't make a comparison but I'm VERY happy with these I've bought.