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Seat box challenge!

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  • Seat box challenge!

    My Preston 6 is in it's 7th year and now getting jaded.
    I want to replace it.
    I'd like to stay with Preston but have looked at the new X6s - hard seat with that daft gusset in it.
    Same problem with most boxes as it seems to be the trend - why?
    Even more problems with a Space Station
    I want a solid stable box, with a sensible tackle compartment.
    Not prepared to pay stupid money eg Rive etc as I don't like being ripped off - please don't tell me "because they're worth it" - because they're not.
    Any suggestions???
    Sorry if I've offended the Rive Brigade - it's just my opinion.

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    Fox MSB, but be quick


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      Have a look at the maver range, MXi series 3/4/5 are all very good
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        Fox MSB from climax tackle

        Cheap as chips ATM below original trade!!
        Effort = Reward.


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          platt forms tuff box
          if you can get one mate


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            I paid £300 for my msb euro before they went down in price, don't regret it one bit!!!!


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              xs6 m8 sod the gusset i dont use it anyway.
              Paypal gift is for friends only