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Tourney pro x pole - what's it worth?

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  • Tourney pro x pole - what's it worth?

    Hi all trying to sell a tournament pro x 16 metre pole only package for mate of mine who upgraded from old tourney but now wants to free up some cash - the poles 3 months old and was used once about 2wks ago, he used my to kit so pole not even cut back or anything.What,s does everyone think is the going rate? as no offers at £1500 which he thought was fair price for a virtually new pole?

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    It doesnt really matter how many times its been used as its still second hand and therefore will have no manufacturers warranty.
    Also it has no topkits or spare number 4's so will only appeal to someone who already has one.
    I reckon its worth between £1000 and £1200.
    Not many people with cash to spend at the moment.


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      Tell him ill swap him my original tourney pro pole only plus £400


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        Regarding the warranty the lads name is logged at shop he bought it and any probs ive had with my daiwa pole I have dealt with daiwa direct as long as they know were you got it from and they send you courier labels n everything so don't see a problem with warranty.I think of he doesn't get around £1450 he,ll just keep hold of it.


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          The going rate for the tourney x in the second hand market with the full package in mint condition would be about £1700 or there abouts. Top kits are about £80-£100 each and number 4's the same so I think £1100-£1200 is about right mate.