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Fox Matrix rods...??

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  • Fox Matrix rods...??

    Hi folks,

    I have noticed a few "Very New" / "Used Once" Fox Matrix rods for sale on the forum.

    Just wondering why people are selling such an expensive tool so quick..... are they not working out as good as expected??

    If you use one / used one please pass on your thoughts... Good or Bad.

    Looking at purchasing a few myself BUT would like to know how good they are!! (or not as the case maybe)

    look forward to your thoughts.

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    ive got the little 9ft carp feeder and i reckon its brilliant i had to buy qan etxrat tip for it ,it came with a 1 oz tip and a 1.5 oz tip i went and bought the 1/2 oz tip as i wanted to use it as an allround light feeder rod, i have had carp to double figure on it and small skimmers what i like about it is the fact that you have a short handle section but the main part of the rod is one piece, ive found that when you have a fish on the action is brilliant and you feel every knock and turn if the fish, i would recommend to anyone.
    i asked a guy why he was selling his he said he didnt like the short handle section, yes the handle section is shorter than normal feeder rods but i find it ok it was strange at first but its the only rod i take out of the bag on lakes now if i want to fish the lead the feeder or even the method.


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      Nothing wrong with the rods, they just don't offer any advantages over the Preston equivalents.

      Compared to its Preston rival

      Blank is slightly heavier
      Blank diameter is greater

      No real advantage over the Preston rod I have - even for tackle tartiness.

      If I didn't already have a Preston I'd have kept mine.