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Preston Carbon active Mini float rod

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  • Preston Carbon active Mini float rod

    I notice the new versions of this float have gramme weighting, my origional (that ive only ever used once) has no rating just say 11ft, 2 piece float.
    Any idea what these rods were origionally made for and what they will cope with?, just not sure what to use it for.
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    They have made changes to them slightly and they now come in two casting weights and the old rod blank is the same as the one newer one rated at 4-10g.
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      I have the original one as well and i contacted preston and they told me it would handle floats up to 10g


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        Thanks men, just what I wanted to know.
        Now its just time to use it or sell it on, as most my time is spent on the rivers.
        River anglers Go with the flow.