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Float sizes

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  • Float sizes

    Im after buying some new floats and wondering if i would use 0.1g floats? Im not to sure about float sizes and would hate to purchase floats i would not have use for (as i have done over the years).Here are the floats i am looking at along with a few others Gallery - Genesis-Rizov Hand Made Pole Floats. Its the RF 84 Floats i like.
    Any thoughts lads?

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    personally i dont use floats with such a small shotting capacity .Mind u perhaps thats the type of fishing i do ................For the cost of them i wouldnt worry personally ,if ur only after the two heavier ones that is!


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      The general rule is 0.1g to 1ft of water. So if your fishing a 4ft lake then you will need a 0.4g float. I would stay away from rizov and go on HillBilly Floats - Home Page for real good floats.
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        i dont get that general rule!!!!! i mean .1g equals 30cms of water the float in question is 150mm leaving no very much for a fish to swim under!!!!!!
        Personally only heard good things about rizof but if its hand mades u want then look at this link and try many of the makers first they ar eall as good as each other really!!Andrew Jeremy Austin | Facebook click on 2012 and now and joined for the full list!!


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          What is wrong with RIZOV floats ??
          I have used them on & off for the last 20yrs !!
          True they are not all suitable for our type of Fishing but there is a good selection of very good well made /Strong floats in their range !!
          that are & they are great value for money!!
          I personaly do not like some of the Hand made floats that are currently available over here ,
          They may not suit everyone but we are all different Son


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            Connor thats wrong mate....... with all floats!

            You should fish with the lightest float possible, if the bait falls as it should, the float sits in the water correct, the float is stable to fish with & everything is right with the presentation then there is no need for a larger float.

            Conditions in weather & target fish has more to do with float size / choice - rather than depth of water!

            The lighter float you fish with, the more natural the bait will fall, the less resistance you have from big bulky shot on the line (or lots of shot when it's not needed)

            I use the smallest float i can - in most situations.

            the only time i tend to go up in size is: down to the weather conditions, sometimes you will need a larger float to present the rig right (without it being towed / blown around) Another use for a larger float if you are targeting fish low down in the water, looking for quick bite registration or to pull rig down through nuisance fish.... i use a slightly larger float carrying more shot to get the bait down quickly.

            For 90% of my fishing i use 4x10 to 4x16 floats.


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              Hi CRG147

              I think the questions you are for have been covered by SimonP. I would go along with his write up as this is the way i think of float sizes myself. You are looking to present the best tackle/float/bait presentation you can, to fool these fish. If a fish feels any sort of resistence that fish will blow that bait out. Hence Balanced tackle.

              I can understand what Conner has mentioned has i have read this many times over the years and i can see where he is coming from. However in my opinion i have to agree with SimonP.

              If you are looking for good handmade floats, have a look here. mffloats bd range margin foam floats - MF BD MARGIN FLOATS I use them all the time and they are not just margin floats. If you purchase any just mention that Steve recommended them.

              Kind Regards Steve
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                personaly i ignore the rule of .1g per foot & tend to use 0.2 for about 3 ft & 0.3 for anything deeper up to 5ft
                cheers fil


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                  hi am work on some floats that do not need eyes or float rubbers and they are pole floats for paste fishing.


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                    Thanks lads.... Its something which has puzzled me greatly over the years and sometimes i just fish with the float i like and can read and trust not to take on water and sink during a match. There are so many different makers of floats out there now and we all have our preferences, so i am going to give these Rizov floats a bash....


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                      Hi Clive, they are great floats..... you wont go far wrong with them for the price.

                      I would recommend however that you take the time to "Hard as Nails" each and every one.... they have soft balsa bodies and a thin paint layer, if you protect them from the start they will last, if you dont they will line cut quite easy.


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                        Thank you for the advice Simon i will give them a coat of it when i get them. I better not tell the misses im using it cos it isnt cheap.... lol


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                          I'll use 0.4 for anything up to 7 foot of water if i can get away with it. Ive never took any notice of the 0.1g per foot rule. It's what you are comfortable with.
                          It's only when wind and tow come into play that you need to go heavy...
                          Real men fish rivers


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                            Connor is spot on about HillBillys though, they are excellent.
                            Real men fish rivers


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                              Originally posted by Johnny Care View Post
                              Connor is spot on about HillBillys though, they are excellent.
                              do you use rednecks,pikeys or aks johnny.
                              [SIZE=7]ELWELL FLOATS

                              [/SIZE] [url][/url]