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feeder rod

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  • feeder rod

    what are tf gear banshee feeder rods like any good??
    cheers fil

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    Hi Fil.
    I have a tfg feeder rod, used it twice, found it a good rod for double figure carp on the method feeder.
    do you a good deel if you want to buy it off me.
    all the best steve.


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      Without being rude there are better rods out there


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        TF gear is pants, look at the Maver Abyss X feeder rod if your looking for a budget rod.
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          I have a TFGear All rounder feeder and float road 11/13 foot which i use occasionally for feeder fishing
          and you can slag them all you want , for the money it is an excellent rod.
          Used as a float rod it is much better than my old maver abyss rod, no they aint the best but they are good value.