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Nick Gilbert finesses pole floats

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  • Nick Gilbert finesses pole floats

    Dose anyone know roughly what shot they take in 0.4g and 0.5g sizes? Thanks lewis
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    just depends on what you shot it with, 2 number 4 shot is 0.4g, or you could put a load of 10s or 11 shot.
    it is all up to the individual on how you shot your float, i would go number 8s and 10s for droppers, that would be at a guess, 5 number 8s and 2 or 3 number 10s.
    everyone to there own lewis.
    all the best steve.


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      Depending on ur main line i like using 9, 11, 13 as droppers start with one and have one as back up so i can pull it down thus having two droppers! ... Loads of floats HANDMADES[especially the stickers] included take more than wots written on there so hard to answer really..


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        Thanks for the replys lads will make some rigs up later thanks again
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