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Pellet wagglers

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  • Pellet wagglers

    I'm off to white acres next month I was just wondering if you fellas had any advice on what pellet wagglers are best to use down there I was thinking of the stumpy foam Maver ones they look spot on

    Any info will be much appreciated

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    Drennan loaded giant insert crystals for 3ft plus, 3 SSG unloaded styrofoam for shallow, with flights best.


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      That's what I used last time them drennan loaded insert wagglers. So would you use them if you wanted to fish relatively deep yeah . And then fish small dumpy styrofoam ones when fishing shallow. What small styrofoam wagglers do you use Nathan ?


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        Yeh and any really Le,Mo's off here are brilliant but hard to get hold of! The Dave Churchwood 1s are good and old Dave Brittain 1s, also got some thinner Nick Gilbert and old Topper 1s that are good! Tried the Maver part-loaded 1s once and they were terrible!


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          tn floats, the best unloaded pellet wagglers available that ive tried (and yes i have tried a fair few)

          nick gilbert is willing to put his name against them and sell them on his website


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            You may need to check if stumpy ones are allowed?
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