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Another how much is it worth thread

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  • Another how much is it worth thread


    In a bit of a quandry at the moment. I ve got 2 maver 401's with about 24 top kits. One 401 is mint and not a mark on it. The spare has a couple of small chips on a couple of section but these do not affect the pole in any way.

    Heres my dilema, do i sell them both and buy a newer pole which wouldnt have as many kits or spares as I have now or keep them for another year or 2. Also would I be best selling as a complete package or selling poles and kits separatley and make more money but potentially be left with some bits.

    Many Thanks


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    I had a mint condition Maver 501 with 8 top kits and a cuppling kit all hydro'd up which I eventually let go for £700 just to get rid of the thing (paid £2600) - once you leave the shop with it the item is second hand and you don't get back anywhere near what you pay for it. In the case of Maver their prices seem to plummet more than other manufacturers much in the same way as Fiat do with cars - you only have to look at the number of Maver poles on eBay without bids to prove this point. If you are happy with it and have that many kits you may as well keep the thing for another year or two, if you do decide to sell it you may be better selling off the kits seperately to achieve a better return as lots of anglers would stretch to buying more kits rather than a full pole.


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      That's ther problem with Maver poles. They bring new models out sometimes twice a year, claiming them to be miles better than the last all singing dancing model.
      This devalues the other poles. I think Daiwa get 3-4 years out of their top end poles and consequently they hold their price. Look at the Tourney and Airity, still command good money.
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        Spadger you hit the nail right on the head mate - the 501 was the "lightest stiffest strongest" pole they had ever made until they brought out another range about 6 months after I forked out all my hard earned cash and I think the 501 had only been out about two months when I bought it. A mate of mine bought a Maver a few years ago and same thing happened a new 'better' pole came out, one of the Maver reps told him the "new" pole was exactly the same as his old one the only difference were different graphics/number basically as the price of carbon had gone up they couldn't just take a top kit out of the package and sell it at the same price they had to rename/repaint it. He also added that anglers wanted the latest gear so thats another reason they keep renumbering them so they sell more poles - if it aint broke dont fix it.


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          If your happy with it mate keep it the second hand market aint very good on any pole at the moment. If you do sell i would sell 18 of the kits on there own put 6 with one pole and sell the other on its own. The price of maver is shocking they just release too many poles, another reason i stuck with tri cast been out 3 years and no sign of a new pole coming. Holds its money very well dispite the slagging it gets from the daiwa sheep, that have only seen one but never used one. If you get another 2 years from the pole then you should be able to go for a different make and hopefully not loose too much on the initial purches price.
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            Rich...New Tricast pole coming out next year.


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              sell them individually - as basic packages then sell the extra top kits seperately. theres an active 2nd hand market in decent maver poles - just take a look on ebay!-good conditioned gear generally sells well probly get £500 - £700 per pole n £35 - £45 per kit assume youve got spare 4s aswell i would sell these seperately also ........ebay can be a bit of a hassle but you reach a big audience -some people object to the charges but theres ways round that!! 1ve had both my poles (301/361) n seller got price they were happy with -without paying the charges i wouldnt buy maver new - but 2nd /spares are readily available / plentiful + buy 2nd hand in decent nick &&& sell later you dont loose much at all /can even gain!